Your Tokkers can include the following features. Add as many or as few as you like!

Audio Messages
Audio messages are what make Tokkers talk! Record messages using our online recorder, upload an MP3 file, or call it in. You can even record multiple messages on the same Tokker and schedule them, or play them randomly.

Upload your logo or a header image.

Give your Tokker a headline. Choose your font and size.

Upload a photo or graphic. You can include a caption.

Embed any YouTube video into your Tokker's player page.

Text / Description
Add a description to your Tokker, and choose the text font and size.

Links / Buttons
Create buttons that link to other sites or even other Tokkers.

Colors and Backgrounds
You can choose any background color and text color. Add a background texture too if you like.

Contact / Map / Calls to Action
Include your contact info, including click-to-call and click-to-email buttons. Add a map showing your location, including directions using GPS.

Social and Sharing Links
Add links to your Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites. Visitors can share your Tokker via social networks, email and SMS text messages.

You can embed your Tokker's player page in a web page. Include all the features or just the audio only.

Add Google Analytics to your Tokker and track your visitors.