How It Works

Tokkers are super easy to create. The first step is to give your new Tokker a name on the Dashboard, click the "Create New Tokker" button, and your Tokker's QR Code is instantly ready to download.

Next, click on the "ADD OR CHANGE MESSAGE & FEATURES" button for your new Tokker to go to the Tokker Manager page.

On the Tokker Manager page you can record or upload messages and easily add features to your player page. You can use the Tokkers online recorder, or you can upload an mp3 file, or you can even call in your message.

All player page features are optional, even the audio. Add as many or as few features as you want. Use the Preview to view your Tokker's player page as you build it. When you're done adding features, your Tokker is immediately ready to scan and publish!